Microbial identification assays

qPCR assays for rapid, sensitive microbial detection

Save time spent designing primers and probes by using predesigned assay sets. The following assays have been tested on the cobas omni Utility Channel on the Roche cobas® 6800 and 8800 Systems:

  • C. difficile toxin
  • Influenza A, B / RSV
  • HSV-1 / HSV-2 / VZV

Primers and probes are HPLC purified and verified by mass spectrometry, delivering batch-to-batch consistency to provide confidence in your data.


The primers and probes were tested using the Roche cobas omni Utility Channel Tool v3.0 and the cobas omni Utility Channel Reagent Kit. The parameters shown in Tables 1 and 2 were used.

Table 1.

 C. difficile toxinHSV-1 / HSV-2 / VZVInfluenza A / Influenza B / RSV
Channel numberChannel 2 (C. diff toxin)Channel 2 (HSV-1)
Channel 4 (HSV-2)
Channel 3 (VZV)
Channel 2 (Influenza A)
Channel 3 (Influenza B)
Channel 4 (RSV)
Primer/probe set volume480 µL480 µL480 µL
MMx-28 mL8 mL8 mL
7 mL of the primer-probe and MMx-2 mix transferred to the cobas omni Utility Channel Reagent cassette
Sample type selectedSimple sampleSimple sampleSwab sample
Sample input volume200 µL200 µL (CSF)
500 µL (plasma and swab)
400 µL
RFI min1.5 (C. diff toxin)1.6 (HSV-1)
1.5 (HSV-2)
1.8 (VZV)
1.3 (Influenza A)
2 (Influenza B)
1.2 (RSV)

Table 2. Cycling conditions.*

 UNG incubationPre-PCR step1st measurement2nd measurementCooling
No. of cyclesPredefined1545Predefined
No. of steps322
Temperature55°C; 60°C; 65°C95°C; 55°C91°C; 58°C 
Hold time120 s; 360 s; 240 s5 s; 30 s5 s; 25 s 
Data acquisitionNoneEnd of each cycleEnd of each cycle 

* Default PCR profile for the cobas omni Utility Channel provided by the Utility Channel software.

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