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Custom DNA oligos

IDT’s long-standing reputation as a pioneer and leader in custom oligo manufacturing is primarily due to our proprietary synthesis platforms. Most components in our manufacturing process are designed and developed in-house, including specialized synthesizers that accommodate the most demanding oligo requests and high-throughput automation systems that ensure fast turnaround times. We do not rely on third-party manufacturers for the machines and chemical reagents used for synthesis, allowing us to easily refine equipment and reagents as necessary. Our ability to control these variables allows us to produce oligos that are unmatched in quality and consistency for use in routine and specialized applications.

DNA oligos »

Single-stranded, pooled, or duplexed DNA, synthesized to your specifications. Import multiple sequences from an Excel or text file or enter them individually using our convenient online tools.

Ultramer® DNA Oligos »

Long, high-quality DNA oligos up 200 bases. Manufactured using proprietary methods that result in more full-length product.

TruGrade® DNA Oligos »

DNA oligos up to 120 bases manufactured by an exclusive production process to minimize oligonucleotide crosstalk. Useful for reducing the risk of barcode misalignment during multiplexed NGS applications.

Megamer® Single-Stranded Gene Fragments »

Single-stranded genomic blocks up to 2000 bases. Synthesized from clonally purified DNA and sequence-verified via next generation sequencing.