Custom e-commerce platforms for simplified ordering and procurement

For simplified integration of your organization’s e-purchasing systems with IDT, look to our custom “portals” and “punchouts”. These personalized web platforms provide secure, 24/7 access to our catalog of products and web tools, and make it easier to manage your inventory, track your spending, and operate more efficiently.

  • Streamline purchasing processes with convenient online ordering and an approval system for administrators
  • Reduce administrative costs with electronic delivery of purchase orders and invoices
  • Control your research budget by managing large orders and tracking information easily


These customized versions of the IDT website (www.idtdna.com/orgname) can be tailored to the specific needs of your organization and will allow you to easily manage important aspects of your e-commerce. Each end user of the portal creates their own account and uses this account to log in each time they place an order.

Valuable features of our portals can include:

  • Administrator-defined payment and information fields at checkout
  • Display of organization-specific products and pricing
  • Support for a variety of payment methods, include blanket POs
  • Order approval processes for administrators
  • Consolidated shipping
  • Organization-specific branding elements on portal webpages


Punchouts use additional e-purchasing software to integrate a distributor’s existing procurement processes with our online catalog. When you access an IDT punchout on your organization’s website, you will be taken to our website where you can browse our products and add items to your cart. You can then return to your organization’s systems to complete your order.

Valuable features of our punchouts include:

  • The ability to use your organization’s existing procurement system
  • Compatibility with SciQuest, Ariba, Perfect Commerce, and other third-party software
  • Support for cXML and OCI protocols
  • Automated PO generation
  • Order approval processes for administrators
  • Electronic invoicing

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Portals and punchouts grant you access to our industry-leading products and helpful web tools. To explore all that IDT has to offer, click HERE.

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